The THREE things that must happen for our Bucs to make the Playoffs:

The THREE things that must happen for our Bucs to make the Playoffs:

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The THREE things that must happen for our Bucs to make the Playoffs:


ALL of the following things MUST happen in order for the Bucs to make the playoffs as the 6th and final seed. 1)Tampa Bay must Beat or Tie the New Orleans Saints Sunday at 1PM 2) Chicago Bears must BEAT the Green Bay Packers at 4PM. 3) Washington Rediskins must BEAT the NY Giants at 4PM

The Bucs luck needs to improve before this weekends action goes down! Click Here to Watch the Video FULL size
Another game of interest is the Carolina at Atlanta game which starts at 1pm. If Atlanta wins that game, New Orleans cannot move any higher or lower than the 5th seed. Why is that important? Should the Falcons take a commanding lead in the game, and there be any scoreboard watching, its possible the Saints could end up resting players in the 4th quarter, which could have an impact on the Bucs game. Rested players or not, if you remember, the Bucs team last year that was no where near as good as this years version went into the 4th quarter down 17-3 and came away with a victory over the Saints 20-17 in Overtime. That was a Saints team that had lost the week before and needed to keep on winning to maintain home-field throughout the playoffs. Now, is this possible? To be honest, yes it is. With Atlanta Winning, this keeps Chicago on its toes, as it can fight for the top seed or top two seeds which gives you a first round bye. The Giants meanwhile seem to always fold this time of the year, and have lost two games in a row, and appear to be reeling. Washington beat a playoff possible Jacksonville team last week, IN JACKSONVILLE, so they are hot and want to finish on a roll behind new QB Rex Grossman. So yes, all of these things are possible, and in some cases even probable. The biggest catastrophy however for the NFL is if the Bucs win their game but dont make the playoffs with a 10-6 record, meanwhile Seattle could beat the Rams and win the NFC West, and HOST a playoff game, one week after getting hammered by the Bucs 38-15. A new playoff formula is needed if the NFL goes to an 18 week season! This scenario is very similar to 1998 when the Bucs needed to win, then needed the Giants and Chargers to win. The Bucs got two of three, but the final thing needed; a Charger win over the Cardinals, went down to the wire in the form of a FG kick the doomed the Bucs playoff chances. More on that event later in the week!

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