Halo Headlines - 1/10/11

Halo Headlines - 1/10/11

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Halo Headlines - 1/10/11


Daily Links for the LA Angels including the Halos actually offered more for Beltre than first reported, debating whether or not the Angels need to rebuild, Rockies no longer interested in Kazmir and much more…

The Story: Buster Olney reports that the Angels’ final offer to Adrian Beltre was actually $77 million over five years.

The Monkey Says: That makes me feel ever so slightly better since it shows the Halos being somewhat less stubborn in negotiations.  It certainly seems like the real difference in Beltre’s decision was the inclusion of a sixth year vesting option.

The Story: Should the Angels start a rebuilding effort?

The Monkey Says: It really is a tough call for the Angels to make.  The roster’s core has too many old players, but also a slew of very young complimentary players.  I don’t think the Halos should rebuild just yet, but if they are too far out of first place in the AL West come July 1st, then I think a fire sale of sorts is really the way to go.

The Story: The Rockies have long since lost any interest in trading for Scott Kazmir.

The Monkey Says: This rumor is several weeks old, but it is officially put to bed now.  Looks like the Halos are most likely stuck with Kazmir for one more year.

The Story: Angel Stadium has been converted to for use in the AMA Supercross the next several weeks.

The Monkey Says: I hate to say it, but watching a motocross race might be the most excitement we get to see in Angel Stadium this year.

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