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More on the time out


More on the time out


I really think people are fixating on the wrong issue here.

It wouldn’t have been a smart move by the Jets, and the team’s coaching staff would have been eviscerated for turning conservative if Folk had missed a long field goal. But Caldwell, who has had a very good year in almost every other way, gave New York options it never previously considered.

Yeah, I just don’t get that.  NY had the options. He didn’t give them to them.  Why they never considered the option of throwing before boggles the mind.  Didn’t people just rip Fisher for NOT calling a timeout in the same situation the week before?

Kuharsky opines

My immediate reaction was “What are they doing?” Postgame, Caldwell talked of forcing the Jets to snap the ball as many times as possible, as each snap created a possibility for something bad to happen. But it seemed he bunched field-goal range into one big category rather that judging a more difficult attempt against the potential for an easier one.

He certainly didn’t know the Jets’ plan at that point.

It’s a pressure situation for the New York offense with a kicker who hardly had a sterling season from long-distance. I don’t sign off on a timeout that creates even the possibility for any additional opportunity for the Jets. Don’t give them discussion time.

What’s more likely, a fumble, a pick, or a sack? Or some gain that raises the percentages for Folk, or a Folk miss from long-range?

Discussion time, maybe.  Additional opportunity?  Definitely not. They ALREADY HAD the opportunity.  They just weren’t going to use it.  Which is insane.

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