Put the Team on His Back, Tho

Put the Team on His Back, Tho


Put the Team on His Back, Tho



Demetry James is the guy that had the super awesome Greg Jennings Madden YouTube video where he recalled a pixelated Jennings breaking his leg but then putting the team on his fucking back, dog, and running 90+ yards for a touchdown, beating Darren Sharper in the process. Sure, it was a Packer and that’s stupid stuff, but this guy is awesome. He has now started reviewing random NFL games and the easiest one I found was the Vikings Cowboys game from 2010. It is pretty good.

Browse through the rest of his videos on his YouTube page and check him out on Twitter. Yes, he was well aware about how Marshawn Lynch put the team on his fucking back.

As an aside, the NFL Playoffs sure look fun. I would enjoy my team playing in them again, someday, some decade.

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