D4L's New Commenting System Is Pretty Awesome, No?

D4L's New Commenting System Is Pretty Awesome, No?

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D4L's New Commenting System Is Pretty Awesome, No?


Ed.: Bumped to the top of the page for those who missed it last night.

You have probably already noticed, but D4L is one of the first Bloguin sites to be updated with their brand spanking new comment system, courtesy of Livefyre. Since it’s awesome and we don’t want to break it, here’s a few basic steps to get you started off on the right foot.

  • You can sign in with your Facebook or Twitter account, but creating an account with Livefyre is probably the best way to go. Linking everything with your Bloguin ID is in the works.
  • I’m pretty sure only Livefyre accounts are picture-equipped, but I could be wrong. You can upload a photo at their site after you create an account.
  • If you don’t want your inbox to be blown up by Livefyre, there’s a setting on their site that allows you to turn off e-mail notifications.
  • IT AUTO-UPDATES! This is one of the biggest advantages SB Nation has had over all other platforms for the past couple years, so it’s nice to get on the same level as our buddies over there.
  • Another big upgrade is the “reply” function. While it isn’t tiered like SB Nation’s, it allows you to reply to a certain user’s comment and will tag their name in your response.
  • HTML commands don’t work (yet). If you post the URL of a picture or video, a handy thumbnail will pop up, like so. Just click the thumbnail to redirect to the photo/video.
Comment test

  • Comments read from bottom (oldest) to top (newest), kind of like Twitter. I’m looking into how to change this because I personally find it annoying, but please let us know if you feel otherwise.
  • If the comments don’t load immediately, please be patient. I’ve noticed that they take a couple seconds to load after all other content loads, especially on slower connections. If you’re waiting for an obscenely long amount of time, let us know and we’ll look into it. The important thing to remember is that this is still a beta system, so there are probably still a few bugs out there.
I’d like to offer up a big thank you to both the Bloguin admins and The Pensblog for helping us get rolling and allowing me to use their intro post as a quasi cheat sheet for this one.

And finally, use it! This comment system is too awesome to simply let sit in the garage and collect dust.

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