Fuentes to Oakland, Snell signs in St. Louis

Fuentes to Oakland, Snell signs in St. Louis


Fuentes to Oakland, Snell signs in St. Louis


Two bits of news from the weekend that you may have seen elsewhere, but are worth noting nontheless. Brian Fuentes signed a two-year deal with the A’s yesterday. The Pirates really don’t have any business giving 35-year old relievers multi-year contracts, so it’s pretty easy to see why they dropped out of the bidding when they did. Who’s ready for the “Tony Watson Is a Sleeper To Make This Team” Spring Training watch?

Second, Ian Snell signed with the Cardinals earlier in the weekend. Dave Duncan has quite a reputation for himself by fixing struggling pitchers, so this signing makes quite a bit of sense. Snell went way off the rails last year, walking nearly as many as he struck out and getting shelled in a great pitcher’s park in Seattle, but he’s still on the right side of 30 and there’s a chance that maybe Duncan can help him find some of the lost zip on his fastball and turn him back into a serviceable pitcher. It’s just a minor league deal, so there’s not really any risk for the Cardinals. 

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