Kuharsky on Manning v Brady (must read)

Kuharsky on Manning v Brady (must read)


Kuharsky on Manning v Brady (must read)


A thoughtful take 

Brady could never win another playoff game, but that would take nothing away from the fact that he helped a team win three Super Bowls in a span of four seasons. Separating him from those to talk about what each quarterback has done in his past 10 playoff starts (Manning 6-4, Brady 5-5) is rather arbitrary, isn’t it? To gerrymander the playoffs in a way that takes the biggest successes away from Brady is akin to drawing lines that leave out the biggest Colts’ failures with Manning under center.

Manning has a better playoff passer rating. To a large degree that indicates he’s done his part on a team that has failed him. It doesn’t tell us when the most important touchdowns or interceptions arrived or did not arrive in January games. It does suggest he gets too much blame.

With a bit of a lesser passer rating, Brady has a better playoff record. It’s certainly come in part because of his coach, teammates and competition. He’s been the face of the franchise’s success, but has probably gotten too much credit.

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