Roland's Recap Ep 9 - Knuckle Up Boxing Club

Roland's Recap Ep 9 - Knuckle Up Boxing Club

zz North Texas Fisticuffs

Roland's Recap Ep 9 - Knuckle Up Boxing Club


There are few people in this world that share the same bright spirit as Joby Gaytan, founder of Knuckle Up Boxing Club in Princeton, TX.  To say that the man is passionate about the sport of boxing would be a gross understatement.  Still, with that said, Gaytan and his dedicated team at Knuckle Up are doing something remarkable, bringing the sweet science to an area not exactly known for fisticuffs.

In describing the small town of Princeton, I wrote this back in 2008:

“As you drive through the small northern Dallas suburb of Princeton, TX the last thing you would associate with the serene surroundings would be boxing.  With miles of undeveloped land save for a few businesses and the occasional new housing development the backdrop created suit an episode of Friday Night Lights or some modern county song.  Not exactly the kind of place one would expect to find the decidedly urban based teachings of the sweet science.”

Yet, despite this fact Gaytan and Company continue to flourish.  Our very own Roland Gamez recently dropped in on KUBC to shine a spotlight on this wonderful gym.


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