Andy Pettitte Calls it Quits...Cooperstown Next?

Andy Pettitte Calls it Quits...Cooperstown Next?

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Andy Pettitte Calls it Quits...Cooperstown Next?


In a word.  No.

But, first…let’s digress.

On Thursday, came word that New York Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte was going to end all the “is he coming back” or “isn’t he coming back” speculation and…not come back.

This…from the New York Post:

Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte will announce his retirement at a press conference Friday morning at Yankee Stadium, ending a storied career and leaving a gaping hole in the 2011 team.

Pettitte called Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner on Wednesday to let him know he was retiring, then flew to New York on Thursday. The Yankees did not try to talk him out of retirement.

“He just doesn’t have the fire in the belly anymore,” a source familiar with Pettitte’s thinking said.

The 38-year-old lefty ends his 16-year career with a 240-138 record and a 3.88 ERA.  His 203 wins as a Yankee ranks third behind Hall of Famers Whitey Ford (236) and Red Ruffing (231) all-time.

Finally…the Hall of Fame debate can officially begin.  And if you consult that same New York Post piece and poll…a tad more that 70% of Post readers think he belongs.

Me?  I’m a “no”…and I’ve made my case before.

But what’s the talk on Twitter?

@raymondbolduc: just for the record, if there’s a debate about whether or not Andy Pettitte’s a first-ballot HOF’er, i will not understand why.

@VzSports: Is Pettitte a HOF’er? 240 wins, ERA under 4 in the live ball era, and 19 post season wins. Not 1st ballot, but he gets in.

@InClementeWthr: How is it that Bagwell can’t get HOF support b/c of mere suspicion of PED use (with no evidence) but people think Pettitte should go in?

@kingrichcomedy: Gotta admit … 1st ballot HOF, no matter what. Pettitte retiring after 16 seasons

@PCarrESPN: If you take away his postseason, Pettitte’s not close to HoF. Playoffs do count for something, but not that much.

@Smokey1920: pettitte has to be hof most all time post-season 200+ wins 5 titles not first ballot but he’s in

As you can see…it is rather varied.  So, now I am asking you.  What do you think…is Andy Pettitte a Hall of Famer?  GO VOTE!

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