JT ThomasBeing a leader of the number two ranked defense in the country speaks for itself when it comes to finding an NFL caliber type prospect off the field. But when you add his stats as a tackler for this team as well as an explosive, speedy overall linebacker, and JT Thomas has a chance to be a starter in the NFL level.

I got a chance to talk to JT, here’s what we talked about.

Interview YouTube:

First off, he mentioned how at West Virginia it was a “special bunch this year” and said that “all I had to do was orchestrate” at times and with the talent on this roster, it was a joy to play in.

He brought up that his father was also a West Virginia linebacker, but made it clear, jokingly of course, that he is a “little bit faster”. Also, he said it is “definitely a treat” to have him around now.

When asked about his neck injury prior to the 2010 football season, he said it was just an awkward hit in the spring and it left a nasty bruise, but the sitting out of practices before the season ” was just a precaution” and there are no long term effects from the injury.

He said that he thinks he’s “a natural will linebacker in a 4-3 scheme” but said he could play the middle as well. Also, impressively, he said that he’s “geared for a lot of special teams” which is for certain where he’ll have to get started before he can be a consistent starter.

He said that his “best asset” is his “speed and explosiveness” at linebacker, but he’s still working on “studying different defensive schemes” as he preps for the Combine and for the eventual NFL Draft.


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