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Love Snubbed

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Love Snubbed



Alright, I know cyncicism has crept into Wolves discussion like a parasite, but wow I hope Wolves nation is pissed tonight. You have every right to be. You also shouldn’t be surprised. Tim Duncan? 4 Celtics? Chris Bosh? A rookie with a superior supporting cast? 

Just silly. This game is about the fans, and fans deserve to see a game which fosters league wide achievement as well as individual and team success. 21 points and 16 rebounds has not happened in almost 30 years. If he isn’t named as Yao’s injury replacement…well…that is even worse. I can’t wait to watch a Depends-wearing Tim Duncan’s eyes bulge out after foul calls as if  his hemorrhoids have swelled to grapefruit sizes. What entertainment. Not to mention Justin Bieber and a bunch of NBA old-timers in the “celebrity” game.

The NBA, where 13 points and 9 rebounds = All-Star happens. Where prepubescent pop star who thinks he is Usher = All-Star happens.

For the list of the remaining reserves, just either go to, or, or watch any NBA on TNT matchup ever televised.


And PS. great to see Charles Barkley rant in our favor for once. What a joke.

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