Rumor: Cowboys Offer Brian Baker Dline Coach Job

Rumor: Cowboys Offer Brian Baker Dline Coach Job


Rumor: Cowboys Offer Brian Baker Dline Coach Job


The rumor mills are blowing up on the latest news that the Cowboys have made an offer to N.C. Tarheels Dline coach Brian Baker. Baker comes with a whole load of great NFL coaching experience, and if snagged into Dallas this could be a very nice addition. Baker worked as the defensive line coach while with the Carolina Panthers since 2009. Soon after the season ended and Fox was released as head coach, Baker took the defensive line spot under Butch Davis.

Some brief highlights from Baker’s resumé, via Bleacherreport:

Baker, a Baltimore native, has coached in the NFL with the Rams, Vikings, Lions, and Chargers and collegiately at Georgia Tech and Maryland.

While coaching with the Vikings in 2004, Baker was involved with the development of All-Pro tackle Kevin Williams.

In Detroit, from 1997-2000, Baker developed Luther Ellis and Robert Porcher into Pro Bowlers

Let’s see if this rumor has legs and becomes reality; however, with the Super Bowl just two days away, I don’t expect the Cowboys to make any further announcements until after the game is over.

If true, its obvious by his recent comments that he would probably have to think this offer over. Baker’s been a defensive line coach and wants to move up, thus his reasoning for joining the college ranks under Butch Davis.

“After 15 years in the league I’m sure my next position was going to be as a defensive line coach,” Baker said. “You can’t move forward by staying in place. With aspirations to be a college head coach, which I have, I had to find out what it was like.” (CharlotteObserver)

Baker makes a good point, but this is for the Dallas Cowboys, one of the most visible teams in the league, so coaching here and jumpstarting this defense could help move him up the ranks as well.

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