18 Best 4th Quarter Wins Updated

18 Best 4th Quarter Wins Updated


18 Best 4th Quarter Wins Updated


Update week ends today with a look back at the 18 Best ‘4th Quarter’ wins pulled off by Peyton Manning.

There were two this year (neither was a comeback), but 2009 featured a whopping 7 come from behind games in the 4th quarter.  A couple made the top 18. It shouldn’t be a surprise which two, because they also made the Greatest Game list.  It pains me to leave out amazing games like the Houston comeback or the Jacksonville comeback, or even the game winning drive in week 17 this year (which would have qualified), but we are getting to the point where there have been so many incredible games and comebacks, 18 isn’t a long enough list.

I love getting the Fixtures updated.  The purpose of the Fixtures section is to be a repository of the ‘bedrock’ articles of 18to88.com. Most of them focus on Colts history (brought to you by Blue Blood: Tales of Glory of the Indianapolis Colts).

I’ve gone through and added a few additional touches to articles from earlier this week.

Next week, we’ll start working on the Classic Colts, celebrate the 4th anniversary of 18to88 with our ’18 Best Posts” (I’ll take nominations in the comments here), keep tracking the draft and the CBA, and I’m thinking about doing a long form research piece definitively comparing Marvin Harrison and Chris Carter once and for all.  No promises on when that comes out, as I want it to be thorough, so I never have to write about it again.

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