Wipe Your Tears...Clay Zavada Has Reported to Camp

Wipe Your Tears...Clay Zavada Has Reported to Camp

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Wipe Your Tears...Clay Zavada Has Reported to Camp


When presented with the news that Arizona Diamondbacks reliever Clay Zavada might be hanging it up, The American Mustache Institute responded as succinctly as one would expect.

“This would be a horrific development,” was the message left on their Facebook page.

Thankfully, Mustached Americans and fans of the 2009 Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year Award don’t have to worry any longer.

Their hero is in the fold.

“It was just a personal matter with my family,” Zavada said to reporters. “It had nothing, really, to do with baseball. I was going through some things and I needed some time. I came in and I talked to (manager Kirk Gibson) and straightened everything out. I’m here now and ready to play. It’s a personal matter that wasn’t related to baseball at all. I had to take some time and get everything cleared up.”

Now…the comments over at azcentral.com suggest that Zavada is, unfortuantely, sans ‘stache.  While I can’t confirm this (the photo above was from 2010), it it encouraging that the Diamondbacks are running a lip sweater friendly Spring Training.

In their Salt River Fields media room hangs the “Parks and Recreation” inspired Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness.


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