8 points, 9 seconds on Miller

8 points, 9 seconds on Miller


8 points, 9 seconds on Miller


This sums it up nicely

It’s true that there are arguments to be made against Miller’s inclusion in the Hall.  He never won a title.  He never won an MVP or was a serious candidate.  His mantle is not full of All NBA or other awards.   However, he has enough accomplishments (25,000+ career points, recently broken 3-point record, 5 All Star appearances) to go along with his reputation as a playoff performer and his iconic presence in Pacer lore to get a relatively broad consensus to agree he belongs.

But – again – beside the point.

I would be less angered (or just disappointed) today if I thought the voters felt he didn’t belong.  However, I have the unshakable conviction that there were voters who felt Reggie Miller (and others before him) belonged in the Hall of Fame, but not on the first ballot.

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