Another Boring Week In Cardinal Nation & The Friday Links

Another Boring Week In Cardinal Nation & The Friday Links

St. Louis Cardinals

Another Boring Week In Cardinal Nation & The Friday Links


Pretty boring week, huh? 

The Cardinals finally were made whole this morning when free-agent signing Lance Berkman arrived in Jupiter (not counting Jimmy Baseball, whereabouts unknown) and have yet to play even an intra-squad scrimmage… but they have produced the two biggest stories of the spring training season so far.

Stan Musial was presented the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Tuesday at the White House. Do yourself a favor and read Bernie’s article on it (LINK HERE).  Something that hasn’t been discussed with this whole deal is how one time in High School I convinced Coach Mac that Stan was featured on this Spice Girls song (LINK HERE). One of my proudest moments of my academic career.

And yes, I went to public school in KY for college.

Albert Pujols made an arbitrary deadline to sign a contract and then didn’t sign a contract. He did, however, arrive in Jupiter on Thursday and charm the ever loving pants off every reporter.  Note to the Cardinals: were we really that surprised that the 100 or so media people on site wanted to talk to Pujols? Would a table and chair for the big guy been such a put-out? It’s 2011, guys. Having sidewalk circles when the ESPN boys are in town just makes everyone look like amateurs.

Also- has anybody mentioned that Pujols didn’t really need to mention he had a deadline, did he? I’d have to imagine that Shaq Vs Pujols was a bigger ‘in-season distraction’ than getting a text from your agent with the latest numbers the Cardinals are offering. But whatever.

So less than a week in, the Cardinals are going to have to work hard to top themselves in the media attention department. Perhaps Rasmus can demand a trade early? Or maybe a Miggy Cabrera, David Freese, TLR all-nighter caught TMZ style?

It’s not going to be an easy job.

Now, the Friday Links…

  • The honeybadger, re-narrated. LINK HERE (h/t Lizzard)(NSFW-language)
  • Frogs prepare to battle. LINK HERE
  • Introducing the lame pun raccoon. LINK HERE
  • And while we’re at it? Business Cat. LINK HERE
  • My Bad Hookup is exactly what it sounds like. LINK HERE (NSFW-language)
  • Old Parked Cars is also exactly what it sounds like. LINK HERE

That’s it for the week. Some dude contacted us about going on a TV show of some sort to talk about the Cardinals and we’re sending over Fresh WC to make sure that this guy learns his lesson the hard way. I really hope this ends up happening.

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