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Well, tonight our Cougies lost a tough one 79-70 at the hands of the no-longer mild Arizona Wildcats.  I tell you, when I heard that Sean Miller had been hired a few years back, I was NOT a happy camper.  The guy can flat out coach, and we saw tonight how incredibly well prepared his team was to play.  Good for him and them.

On our side, Klay had a really good night.  And so did Casto. Moore did some good things on the offensive end, and so did Abe Lodwick.

But, when you fall behind by 17 in the second half AS WE HAVE DONE FOR THREE THURSDAYS IN A ROW your fate is pretty much sealed.  Couple of other notes:

1.  Out of Line.  While AZ was 22 for 22 (or something like that) from the line, we continue to miss HUGE shots from the charity stripe.  The biggest: Down 5 with about 4 minutes left, Aden chucked up a total fricking brick on the front end of a one-and-one.  We never got another chance to get within 3 points.

2.  Out of Mind.  If anone wants to know about what a Lotto pick looks like, say hello to Mr. Williams.  The guy is electric in all facets of the game and the biggest thing of all:  He makes his free throws.  If I were an NBA exec, I’d be drooling right now.

3.  Out of Position.  Try our entire defense.  Don’t even know what to say here, but our continued over pursuit of the ball from the help side would be comical at this point if it wasn’t so infuriating. We’re not a good a defensive team to say the least.  And, for now, I’m going to leave it at that.

4.  Out of Time.  Tonight we saw why the losses to Oregon and Stanford were so brutal and fatally damaging.  Now, with four tough games left on the schedule, we’ve already hit 7 conference losses.  While it still isn’t too late, even getting to 10-8 looks tough at this point.  Brutal.

5.  Out-Coached.  A few weeks ago, Bone did such a fantastic job with our lads in coaching us up against the Muttlakes.  Since then, not so much.  On a night when Klay had it really, really going, Bone’s response was to spend much of the last five minutes having Klay POST UP WITH HIS BACK 12 FEET FROM THE BASKET.

Mind you, if he was being guarded by a 5 foot 7 Isiah Thomas then that would be one thing, but against an atheltic wing when you’re down 7-9 points and your guy has found his stroke from the outside (5 of 8 from three), well…..I really have no fricking clue what’s going on in that gum-chewin’ head of his right now.

So, onto ASU.  Win that one, and the “what if we beat…” so-and-so stuff can continue for another few weeks.

Otherwise, we can kiss it.

BEAT ASU!!!!!!

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