Links of the Day 2/18/11

Links of the Day 2/18/11


Links of the Day 2/18/11


Good, everything is frozen outside again. Let me warm you with some links.

These are some unusually small balls.

The Colts have rid themselves of Bob Sanders. I wasn’t even aware that he was still alive.

Joba?  More like Jabba! Amirite?!

Penn State 66, Minnesota 63 – This underscores why it’s important to have a point guard, this Gophers collapse. Perhaps they could borrow one from the Timberwolves.
Oakland 71, North Dakota State 69 – Just not a good day all around for the Upper Midwest

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SNY showed a poll during tonight’s game, asking fans to kick the team’s MVP this season. There were four names who were certainly (…)

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