Marvin Miller on NFL labor dispute

Marvin Miller on NFL labor dispute


Marvin Miller on NFL labor dispute



“Essentially, the owners are telling the players that ‘We want you to give up even more money than you already are giving up, and in return, we’ll work you two extra games,’ ” Miller said, chuckling more. “It’s just absurd, and nobody seems to be as astounded about all of this as I am. Certainly the media isn’t, and I’m sure fans who don’t know much about labor negotiations aren’t putting this together.

“But on the one side, you have the football owners who are by far the wealthiest of all the professional team sports owners in terms of the revenue they clear every year. On the player side, they are the lowest paid of any professional team sport.

“They have the lowest pensions. They have the shortest careers of any of the team sports. They have the worst disability and injury rates. It’s so one-sided. There ought to be fans and the media climbing all over the owners. You never saw such a setup.”

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