Ray on the Kobe feud, HOF & diabetes

Ray on the Kobe feud, HOF & diabetes

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Ray on the Kobe feud, HOF & diabetes


Ray Allen sat down with Ken Berger of CBS Sports for a for an extended interview before leaving for LA.  And as the headline suggests… he talked about a few different things… including how his feud with Kobe started.

"We were playing a preseason exhibition game, and we beat them, and I got sick after the game, so I didn't speak to the media. I played the next night in Portland. That night we were talking about the Lakers without Shaq, because they'd just traded him. I said I didn't think they would be good without Shaq. It was comical because we were just laughing about it, I said Kobe will probably want to be traded in two years from now because he doesn't have a big guy he rely on, and having a big in this league is hard to come by. He didn't like that too well. And for the next two years, every time we played each other, we always went at each other. I'd come down hit a three, he'd come right back at me and hit a three, I'd come back down and hit a three. It was just basketball."

The interview is about five minutes long.  Follow the link to get the whole thing.

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