League Negotiations and Zorn hire by K.C.

League Negotiations and Zorn hire by K.C.

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League Negotiations and Zorn hire by K.C.


 Here we are at a juncture where two sides are unwilling to negotiate and more willing to posture.  And should the Giants have hired Jim Zorn?

Does it really get any more pathetic that you look to the Federal Government to intervene?  The Federal Government that has a bloated budget and a clear lack of initiative to negotiate and compromise amongst each other to resolve what is in the best interest of the country.  An industry that has a return in excess of 17% per annum is unable reconcile percentages to the detriment of the long term success of the League.  Look around professional sports and see where they stand in popularity currently and even in the near past. Again, the post about “In Praise of Wellington” reverberates more fervently about how the schism within the League is not only between the players and owners but between the small market owners and larger market owners.  Goodell either lacks no leadership skills or is being torn by two separate contingents within the ownership group.  Either way he is surely lacks the backbone to lead the League out of it’s quagmire.

Speaking of quaqmire, unlike the Giants who have not made any coaching changes, other teams around the league have brought in new coaches to make their teams better.  Recently, the Zorn hire by the Chiefs  piqued my interest.  Yet it’s very interesting  the Giants front office’s  lack of desire in maintaining consistency within the organization by keeping Palmer due to wording in his contract over interviewing for a coordinator position:

I feel like that the Giants continue to demonstrate how inept they are in the front office and on the sidelines!  Jim Zorn is a very experienced coach.  He played the position in the NFL with the Seahawks and he played it well.  That, however, is only one fact when it comes to teaching(coaching) at the highest level.

The other day we got the news that Jim Zorn will “tutor” and coach Cassell of the K.C. Chiefs.  Zorn is unique as he is one of the few who actually played and achieved all-pro status but  also is respected by his peers as a “pro-bowl” teacher.  I would lead you to see what Joe Flacco has to say about Zorn.  He credits him with being a major influence on a blossoming career.  Flacco is an excellent example of the importance of the “right” coach.  Flacco came out of Delaware as a very raw prospect and now,leads one of the best teams in the NFL.  He is still a work in progress but his path toward excellence is  debatable.
At UltimateNYG, we are annoyed.  We believe that we will never know how good our quarterback might be as he has NEVER had the “right” coach.  Eli has in some ways grown as a quarterback. His numbers in terms of total yards are impressive and his completion percentage is ,somehow, relatively good as well.

Eli, however, still throws off balance. He still throws off his back foot and he is the poster boy for when NOT to throw as his INT’s prove.  Eli seems perpetually confused and almost always uses the entire clock.  This not only hurts any rhythm but has become a “tell” for the opposition.  Defensive lineman have an edge knowing when the ball will be snapped as does the rest of a well coached defense with a good defensive coordinator.

If you happened to catch the division championships and the Super Bowl you could not help but notice Dom Capers in his glory.  You could not help but notice how incredibly the Packers play defense and the Steelers with LeBeau got that far because of LeBeau.  One could reasonably ask why the Giants post Spags did not pursue  another potentially great or already great coordinator.

The Giants under Coughlin made ONE great coaching move in 7 years and won it all.  We have also had arguably the most incompetent “friends of Coughlin “ on both sides of the ball.  We started with Gilbride, Hufnagel and Lewis and only Spags stands out.  The proof is that NO Giant’s coach has become a head coach or even a coordinator anywhere else.  Only Spags and we won the trophy.

Jim Zorn was available. Our “bumpkin” quarterback let slip that “he is teaching HIS coach” how to coach.”   Sullivan was a receivers coach and we won’t tread there but we can say, by the record and by the results, that he is NOT the guy. 

Zorn didn’t cut it as a head coach but he got the”shot” based on his record as a coach. He just wasn’t ready to coach a dysfunctional team and deal with a lunatic owner.

This is Eli’s time. Either he blossoms or he withers on the vine. The Giants have a $100 million dollar investment in Eli and are not capable of finding the “right” coach. This incredible imploding team is the acceptance of mediocrity and maintaining a 65 year old coach who has NO future and NO successor will be what is remembered of this owner and this coach.

I would argue that the ex-Ravens coach who is now a talking head was a superior coach.  Billick won a Super Bowl as did Gruden and others  and were chopped when they no longer could deliver. We cannot even remake a coaching staff that needs change.  How many times has a Giant player said, ”we were out-coached?”  Too many times to to think about.

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