Trading Miguel Cabrera Is the Worst Idea of All-Time

Trading Miguel Cabrera Is the Worst Idea of All-Time

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Trading Miguel Cabrera Is the Worst Idea of All-Time


With the whole Miguel Cabrera saga taking form after a few days, we’ve seen countless opinions on what the Tigers should or should not do with him. While most posts have focused on helping Cabrera rehab from his second high-profile incident in two years, a scant few have suggested that the Tigers trade Cabrera.

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An example of these aforementioned claims comes from SB Nation’s Anaheim Angels site Halos Heaven.

With his stock pretty low as a Detroit Tiger

Because his .328/.420/.622, 38 HR, 126 RBI campaign in 2010 was absolutely dreadful…

should the Angels try to acquire the troubled slugger?

Go ahead. I bet Dave Dombrowski could use a laugh right now.

The meanest Venezuelan besides Hugo Chavez

Well played.

might enjoy a change of scenery

Where he’d be even more inclined to drink and party

and the tutelage of the bilingual Mike Scioscia.

Since when is a bilingual manager > a clubhouse full of his countrymen?

Cabrera is only 26 and was 2nd in the AL MVP voting last season.

…which is the exact reason why the Tigers shouldn’t even think about trading him.

This isn’t meant to bash Halos Heaven in the way that these Fire Joe Morgan-type posts usually do, but rather point out how ridiculous the idea of trading Cabrera really is. He is a once-in-a-generation talent that has a drinking problem. If the Tigers organization can’t help him through this ordeal, I highly doubt anyone else can.

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