Blow Up The Pistons (UPDATED)

Blow Up The Pistons (UPDATED)

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Blow Up The Pistons (UPDATED)



It’s time for some drastic action. After these “professional” athletes mutinied and tweeted their dismay with their coach and embarassed the organization and those that support them, I believe there is no other choice. Simply put, I’d bench/cut each player for the remainder of the season that took part in this. Are these players really so out of touch that they feel that anyone in Detroit would have the slightest bit of sympathy for a team that is 21-38 that perpetually bitch about everything? Do they really think we give a flying fuck if Tracy McGrady or Rip Hamilton is wearing a Pistons uniform next year? It’s obvious Kuester will be gone, but I think it’s just as obvious that pretty much none of these diva players will be around next season when there is a new coach.

The players that took part in this apparently were Tayshaun, Rip, McGrady and Wilcox. There’s been conflicting reports if Daye, Stuckey and Ben Wallace were involved in the protest as well. Are any of those guys you can see being integral parts of a championship contending team? I’d say no, and definitely dealing with their attitudes can only be a detriment to the longterm success of the Pistons. Throw in Charlie V., possibly the most embarrassing Piston of all-time in my opinion (and Paul Pierce’s), and you have more than half the team that should not see the court the rest of the year.

Who cares if the Pistons win another game this year? At this point, we really are just playing for more or less pingpong balls in the draft lottery. I’d rather watch guys that actually look like they want to represent the Pistons than guys who look like they’d rather be anywhere else in the world than on the court while making more $ in 48 minutes than most fans will make in a year. Seriously, I know Terrico White might have the most broken foot of all-time, but I’d much rather wheel him out on the court and have him pass the ball to DuJuan Summers and other guys we’d sign to a 10-day contracts than the alternative.

I still don’t really know how to assess Dumars’ blame for this fiasco. I’m definitely down on him after the last 2 coaching hires, but I don’t know the extent of not having an owner has hamstrung his ability to make moves. I mean, half this team checked out mentally years ago…he has to have been able to see that too, right?

I’ve never enjoyed watching a Detroit sports team less than this years Pistons team. Sure, we’ve lived through the worst team in American League history, and the worst team in NFL history…along with the teal jersey era of the Pistons, but this team is just a clusterfuck of wasted talent and assholes. The sense of entitlement that this team has is astounding. In my opinion, get rid of all of them except Monroe and Jerebko.

Seriously, Blaha deserves better.

Ed.: If today’s shootaround fiasco wasn’t enough, here’s video of players laughing as Kuester was tossed during tonight’s game against the Philadelphia 76ers (another loss, naturally).

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