Someone please stuff a sock in Stephen A's throat?

Someone please stuff a sock in Stephen A's throat?

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Someone please stuff a sock in Stephen A's throat?



Because every time Stephen A. Smith opens his yapper around here… he says something like this that just melts my frontal lobe. 

“He was alluding [in June] to coming back once the trading deadline expired if the Celtics needed him, that he would think about it,” Smith said. “And throughout this year, he had been saying one day, he wants to come back, the other day, he doesn’t want to come back. … He was going back and forth throughout the year. One day he wants to come back, another day he doesn’t want to come back. One minute he’s thinking about going to Orlando, the next minute he misses all the boys he was with in Boston last year.

“So, I simply said I think he’s going to end up coming back to Boston, because I believe that Boston is going to be the team that fights the Lakers for the world championship, and I believe that Doc Rivers is the ultimate motivator. And I think if you have an opportunity to play for Doc Rivers for a couple of months, that’s not something that you’re going to turn down. I still believe that. I still believe that Rasheed Wallace is going to come back.”

Stop. Just…. just stop.  I've already had this debate on Twitter… but we really… REALLY need to get past this whole Sheed fascination. 

Aside from a few decent playoff games, he was mind-numbingly frustrating last year.  It took him all season long to get into any kind of shape…. so imagine what he'll be if he comes back after all this time off.

No… no thanks.  I'm perfectly happy rationalizing Troy Murphy.  Don't throw this in our laps.  I'm already developing an ulcer just thinking about what the comments will look like on this post.

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