The Celebrity Apprentice Re-Cap: Episode 1

The Celebrity Apprentice Re-Cap: Episode 1

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The Celebrity Apprentice Re-Cap: Episode 1


That bedazzled jacket.  Those creepy eyes.  The altercation with Richard Hatch.

After months of waiting, “The Celebrity Apprentice” kicked off Sunday night and did exactly what it promised.

It brought “the crazy”.

And in the middle of the mayhem was a favorite of this site…Jose Canseco.

Now, I could break down the entire episode (boring) or I could tell you that Canseco didn’t get fired and point you in the direction of a show re-cap over at  Oh, and if you didn’t catch Canseco calling the former “Survivor” winner a liar…you missed out.

But, the highlight of the night wasn’t watching the 1988 American League MVP on the tube…it was following it on Twitter.

Here’s the first of what might end up being a weekly Twitter re-cap (a Twit-cap…tweet-cap?) of Canseco’s stint vying for the affection of Donald Trump.  As you would imagine, the tweets were both supportive and, well, not.

@nprmonkeysee:  If Jose Canseco punches Richard Hatch, I will forgive Celebrity Apprentice, instantly, for everything.

@badtzmartin:  Watching celebrity apprentice. José Canseco wearing blue contacts looks like Bruce Banner about to change into The Hulk.

@TheOutlawJosie:  Jose Canseco is the cro-magnoniest ever. It looks like he’s made out of rocks. celebrity apprentice

@nMiddz:  Jose Canseco and Richard Hatch should have an Apprentice boxing match to settle their differences… special guest referee? Gary Busey

@SchenkelTown:  watched The Celebrity Apprentice. Jose Canseco should have been fired this week, based on his rhinestone studded sport jacket.

@Denise_Hayden:  I do have to admit, I think more of Jose Canseco than I did before. Of course that didn’t take a lot. But he impressed me.

Of course the tweet of the night belonged to Canseco himself:

#Winning sorry… I had to!

If the premiere episode was any indication, this installment of “The Celebrity Apprentice” will be worth watching and, hopefully, Canseco is around for the long haul.

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