A CBA summary (good read)

A CBA summary (good read)


A CBA summary (good read)


A little love for 18to88 regular and resident Aussie, Oliver Noonan. He summarizes the CBA issues for readers down under.


As early as today (7th March 2011), the NFLPA and the owners are still locked in their battle, but a spectrum of hope has risen from previous meetings, the two sides have agreed to, instead of installing a lock out, extend the current CBA for 7 days (ending this Saturday morning) to allow them to continue negotiating. This is excellent news as it shows that the nearing of a deadline has forced both sides to compromise between what each other wants and hammer out a deal, and that is really the only way we can come out of this with a new CBA. If both sides realise what is at stake, and just how potentially damaging missing an entire season of football would be to the NFL, that they not exactly give up what they were fighting for, more that they learn that there is more at stake than just one season. As one league source said this morning, “ultimately, in order to settle this standoff, everybody has to feel that they’ve won, or at least saved face, and that they were part of the process.

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