Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes


Behind the scenes


King tells how close the labor talks came to falling apart

A player familiar with the negotiations reiterated over the weekend that the union isn’t looking for a fight, but fairness and financial transparency. However absent that, the players are willing to decertify and try their hand in court.

“We’re ready to go,” the anonymous player said. “If this is what it’s going to take for them to negotiate fairly and take us seriously as partners, then let’s do it. Honestly, most players come from the background where if their backs are being pushed against the wall they’re going to fight back. They’re not going to turn and cower. That’s just the DNA of most NFL players, because that’s what got us here. It’s that survival skill and that ability to fight in pressure situations that has got us to this level. That’s what you’re seeing right now and will continue to see as we go forward.”

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