Groovy Kind of Sore

Groovy Kind of Sore


Groovy Kind of Sore


It was nice to see Carlos Beltran running like he was an owner running from Irving Picard.

Unfortunately, it must have been a little too much for Beltran too soon, as he took off today against the Tigers for, in his words: “sore, in a good way”.  I wonder if they’ll create a new category for a DL slot for that.

Carlos Beltran (NYM) 15-day: Sore in a Good Way.

It’s not quite the “sore in a good way” that Mickey Mantle used to have (if you get my drift), and it’s not quite as exciting as missing games with a bug bite (I wish I could find the right bug to bite me so I can have super powers like Alcides Escobar or Tobey Maguire).

One of the things that Terry Collins has to think about with Beltran (and he might have addressed this already), is workload during the season.  He can’t let Carlos talk him into playing three games in a row in his third game of the season if that’s not in the plan (like certain managers did).  It’s not like right field at Citi Field is like riding the local … he’ll still have a lot of ground to cover when the bullpen gives up rockets over his head and the ball rolls to the Mo Zone.  If there’s a plan, stick to it.  If it goes up in flames, at least it was on your terms.

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