Mark Kotsay Looks Like #1 Bench Bat

Mark Kotsay Looks Like #1 Bench Bat


Mark Kotsay Looks Like #1 Bench Bat


Manager Ron Roenicke, as quoted in the Journal-Sentinel:

“He [Mark Kotsay]’s going to be a big part of what we’re doing in late innings, when we need that good at-bat. He’s a guy I’m counting on. Whoever that other outfielder is, whichever one we’re going with, I’m fine with the mix with Kotsay.”

The quote comes while talking about options to replace Corey Hart, should he not be ready for Opening Day. The good news is that Roenicke doesn’t seem to think Kotsay would be a good fit for a full-time replacement. The bad news is that the above quote is his reasoning.

Let’s just hope the Brewers don’t play many late-and-close games.

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