Questions for Monday

Questions for Monday


Questions for Monday


Why do people care more about a spring training game that they can see than the ones that they can’t see? If Corey Wimberly and Pedro Ciriaco are batting 1-2 in any regular fashion during games that count in 2011, 105 losses is definitely a possibility again. 

How desperate are the Pirates to dump Ryan Doumit? If the answer is, “So desperate they’d rather accept a hunk of scrap metal than every see his face again,” then he’ll probably be an Astro. I think the Pirates think he’s still got some value, though, so I’d be willing to bet they wait to pull the trigger. 

Who was the steal of the off-season? Maybe Lyle Overbay, says the Toronto Star.   

What happens to the five players without options? Actually, this one’s easy, it’s DL for Hart and Ascanio, the rotation for Charlie Morton, the bullpen for Chris Resop, and demoted put on waivers for John Bowker. 

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