Your Morning Dump... Where Nads was no throw in

Your Morning Dump... Where Nads was no throw in

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Your Morning Dump... Where Nads was no throw in


[youtube morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“In Oklahoma City I didn’t have a role,’’ he said. “I was just a spot-up shooter. They didn’t want me posting up, nothing. It was a little bit frustrating for me. I’m more comfortable playing inside-out. When you are a big guy and you rely just on your shooting, you miss a couple of shots, you tend to lose confidence. You need to have a couple of easy baskets, just to gain your rhythm. Now all of a sudden you can make shots and everything.’’

Krstic practically saved the slow-footed Celtics with 12 first-half points on 6-for-6 shooting. His teammates were 12-of-27 from the field for 31 points.

“He’s been terrific, he really has,’’ coach Doc Rivers said. “He finishes so much better than I knew. The guys are very comfortable with him.’’

Globe: Krstic excels in transition game

Yes.  Nads.  That's what I'm calling him.  I'm not calling him Kurly.  KRS-4 is an interesting one… but Nads is right there so I'm taking it.  

Also, that was a pretty sick pass by Paul Pierce.  And it was a nice catch and finish by Krstic, who is showing us what he can really do offensively.  Early on in last night's game I thought "Thank God for Krstic" as he was pretty much the only reason the C's kept it close early in the game.  

With apologies to Perk, this was something we really haven't for a while.  And with apologies to Krstic, he needed to score those points to make up for some deficiencies on the other end.  But still, he's capable of doing that.  And since Shaq is out for a while, we might need him to keep doing that. 

The C's will figure out their defense.  That will come around again with some time.  But mixing Nads into the offense was easier than expected.  Allow me to channel my inner newspaper headline writer and drop the pun:  He's been a big help.

On Page 2, the importance of the #1 seed

This is why the top seed matters this season:

— Whoever gets it will avoid a 2-3 matchup with one of the other three in the semifinals. From the Celtics perspective, they would much rather have to beat Miami or Chicago as opposed to both to get to the finals.

— The top seed will likely play Indiana in the first round, while the 6-7 seeds figure to be either New York or Philadelphia.

[…]– Homecourt advantage, obviously. While the Celtics have proven capable of winning playoff series without the benefit of homecourt, it’s worth pointing out that they closed out two series at home last year, while losing their only Game 7 on the road.

WEEI: The importance of getting the top seed

I was kind of ambivalent about the whole top seed thing until Flanns laid out this same argument on the last Two Man Game.  Now I'm on board with wanting to avoid a few of these teams in our march to an 18th banner.  

Why play Chicago, Orlando AND Miami if you don't have to.  I know… I know… "Those teams don't scare me!"  Well… it's still the playoffs and I'd rather not have to face that gauntlet if the C's don't have to.  

So thanks, Miami, for falling off like you did.  Now if only we can hold off those Bulls. 

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