Four Plays that Killed Bucs Playoff Chances

Four Plays that Killed Bucs Playoff Chances

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Four Plays that Killed Bucs Playoff Chances


So What do you do when the NFL is out on strike and there is nothing to write about? Reprint an old story! Thats What!

Actually, its an old video, but one on YouTube that is really getting a lot of hits and comments, so I thought I would bring up the issue again, and let everyone check out the video now on the NEW

The video is “4 Plays that cost the Bucs a playoff spot” and goes over 4 different plays during three critical games that if any one of them had gone the other way, would have had a drastic effect on the NFL Playoffs and SuperBowl in 2010 Season.

Why? Because the Bucs making the playoffs would have knocked Green Bay out. The Packers became the 6th and final seed, and if the Bucs had squeezed in instead who knows how far they would have gotten!

All for naught now, but we can watch and remember! Try not to eat any food while observing; potential choking hazard!


Make sure you choose 720P from the bottom to watch in HD!

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