Brock Lesnar's Weak Chin?

Brock Lesnar's Weak Chin?

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Brock Lesnar's Weak Chin?


Does former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar have a weak chin?  That’s what his upcoming opponent, Junior dos Santos, thinks.  In an interview with Ariel Helwani today, the Brazilian came out and said so.  Apparently dos Santos determined from watching Lesnar’s performance in his tilt with Cain Velasquez that the beefy heavyweight has a ceramic chin.

Now, considering dos Santos isn’t really one for trash talk or hyperbole, does this accusation of a “suspect chin” hold water.  With all due respect to dos Santos (who we don’t want testing out the strength of our chins), we think this is wishful thinking on his part, at best.  Lesnar’s last two fights were with two of the hardest hitters in the heavyweight ranks, the aforementioned Velasquez and Shane Carwin.  According to the always awesome Fight Metic, Velasquez landed 31 “significant strikes” on Lesnar in their match, and Carwin landed 40 significant strikes.  Yet, in both matches Lesnar was never visibly close to getting knocked out.  Knocked around, yes.  Beat the hell up, yes.  Knocked down, yes.  But knocked out, the epitome of a “suspect chin”?  No, never.  So that’s 71 significant strikes taken from two of the hardest hitting heavyweights in the world, and Lesnar’s chin held up just fine.

While it is true that Lesnar’s stand up game is very suspect and in need of a lot of work, to say he has a suspect chin is just plain, well, suspect.    

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