Carl Crawford Opens Up to Fans

Carl Crawford Opens Up to Fans

Red Sox

Carl Crawford Opens Up to Fans


It is no secret that things are not going well for Carl Crawford right now.  He is batting well below .200 and has yet to even get a walk from the lead-off spot.  If you want to know how he is dealing will all of this, take a look at the new diary he has posted for ESPN Boston.  Here is the message he had for fans in the diary:

“Everybody has been telling me to relax, so I guess I can say that. Just know that everything is the worst it can be right now. There is only one way to go now, it’s up. I haven’t talked to that many fans yet here in Boston. I’ve been kind of secluded right now. I won’t even stop and get gas. But that’s all I can say, things are at their worst right now and I think we can only go up from here.”

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