Harrison Barnes Returning to UNC

Harrison Barnes Returning to UNC

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Harrison Barnes Returning to UNC


Harrison Barnes, the one prospect that I really wanted to see join the Timberwolves next season, in the year where we finally have the most ping pong balls, has decided to forgoe the NBA and potential #1 overall status to return to UNC for his sophomore season.  You can’t make this stuff up.  Just when you look to the heavens for a sign that things will get better, a bird rains turd down on your face. 

Of course, my disappointment regarding this situation is based on the assumption that the Wolves would actually end up with one of this year’s top picks, so I could be getting worked up about nothing.  (And given history, I likely am).   Still, the absence of Barnes makes this already weak draft class that much weaker.  When the Wolves do end up picking 4th, it will be like they were picking 5th in a draft that contained Harrison Barnes. 

Remind me to stab myself in the eye when Barnes is starting for the Clippers in 2012, Rubio is still in Spain, and we’ve got some smiley Euro sitting on the bench for us that we picked 4th overall. 

As you can see, it’s easy to let any bump in the road lead to a downward spiral of self-pity when you’re a Wolves fan.  That’s why I’ve enlisted the help of Courage Wolf to keep our spirits up during these rough times.  I initially found Courage Wolf on a random Google Images search for the post below this one.  I had no idea who or what he was until Roundhouse filled me in on his story.  After doing a little research of my own, I think he’s a good companion to keep around to keep us all mentally tough. After all, if Harrison Barnes prance around in his powder blues against inferior competition instead of finally taking his shot at Kobe, LeBron, and Durant, he’s probably not the alpha dog this team needs anyway.  How many guys who deferred entering the NBA in the past 10 years ended up being super stars? 

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