Photo essay: Ray's big 3

Photo essay: Ray's big 3

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Photo essay: Ray's big 3


Sometimes an instant can tell you as much about what's going on as the entire moment.  Here's a look at Ray Allen's game-winning 3 in photos, with a bonus video at the end.

PE Ray Game Winner 1
Oh the sweet form.  Everything is in line.  And if you look closely in the background, a couple of people are already putting their arms up.  They know what's coming.

PE Ray Game Winner 2
That sweet moment of anticipation… where our eyes get wide… and we take that deep breath right before we yell out in ecstasy…

PE Ray Game Winner 2.5
Yeah… kinda like that

PE Ray Game Winner 3
The thrill of victory… or the agony of defeat… if you look at the Knicks fan just to the right of Ray's elbow.  That, my friends, is a pained expression.

And now for the bonus video, which comes from our boy MrTrpleDouble10… who caught the video from inside the garden of Ray's shot.  From this vantage point, you get the fan's-eye view from inside.  Before the shot is even launched, someone in the stands catches on saying "back pick for Ray…. BACK PICK FOR RAY…" followed by the screams of joy.  An awesome moment… thanks to Jay for getting that.


Photo Credits:  Getty Images, Associated Press

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