Red Sox Fan Photo Day 2011

Red Sox Fan Photo Day 2011

Red Sox

Red Sox Fan Photo Day 2011


One of the many things I LOVE that the Red Sox do is have a Fan Photo….they never seem to announce it much in advance, but in the last couple of years I have been lucky enough to be there.  On Fan Photo Day…after the gates open, they allow the fans on the field and then some players come around and take pictures and interact with the fans.  In my opinion, it’s the coolest thing ever.   Fan Photo Day was this last Saturday…and I was lucky enough to have tickets to the game.  We got onto the field about 11am…and then were able to take pictures with the players for close to an hour.  It was just the luck of the draw of which players walked your way…but this year, we got pretty gosh darn lucky!

Check out my pictures of me and some of the Sox players:


P.S. I read the comment from Carl Crawford in the last post…and I gotta say, at Fan Photo Day…Carl was really nice and sweet with fans. He made sure everyone who wanted a picture got one and fans were really nice and appreciative of him as well.  

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