Spring Game Photo Gallery

Spring Game Photo Gallery

WSU Football Blog

Spring Game Photo Gallery


The WSU Football Blog was on-hand at Joe Albi Stadium for the Crimson & Gray Game, and the steady camera work of DaniBuff captured all the glory.  More after the jump!


The day started at Joe Albi right around 11:00 after a quick stop at Costco.  If you live in Spokane and shop at Costco on Divison regularly, I feel awful for you.  Their micro beer selection consisted of Samuel Adams and Alaskan Amber, which is  weak sauce considering the plethora of craft selections at Costco’s in the Seattle area.  We didn’t even have the cooler out the back of my truck when an event staff lady pulled her truck up next to me and said, “if you’re going to be drinking, put it in a cup.” 

Apparently I have “that look” about me, but at least the lady was nice to give such sage advice.

SeanHawk and his boys pulled the new RV in about twenty minutes after us with Tad and his son in tow!

It didn’t take long to get the party started.

So apparently having your girlfriend store her Weber Mini BBQ at her friend’s for the last 13 months isn’t the best of ideas.  We couldn’t get it to start after numerous attempts, so we were left to grill with these BBQ In a Box. 

At least the Polish Dogs cooked, anybody for a Turkey Burger?  Yeah, they didn’t cook.

They couldn’t be too awful if the kids ate them, right?

So we made our way to the game in time for the start and Butch was in full effect.

Jeff Tuel moved the first unit offense extremely efficiently.

Logwone Mitz tallied 106 yards on 16 carries.

Of course, many of those came on this 70 yard scamper down the sideline for six.

Halliday getting a look with the 2’s.


4,076 WSU fans was the figure, but considering they didnt take ticket stubs or from what I could tell have people monitoring us coming in, I have no clue how they pulled that number out.  Although, Hawk and I both thought there was 3,000 to 4,000 on hand when we were discussing it earlier in the day.

Andrew Furney was solid connecting on both attempts during the game and nailing a 53 yarder later in the afternoon.

Longball with the victory celebration!

And Miss Amieable there to clean him up!

All around, it was a fantastic day!  The RV has officially been christened and we look to have it out for the Idaho State game in September.  Have a great Monday, we leave you with the latest from the WSU Athletics You Tube page.


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