LaRussa Shut Down Due To Eye Infection

LaRussa Shut Down Due To Eye Infection

St. Louis Cardinals

LaRussa Shut Down Due To Eye Infection


As reported on other reports of Tony LaRussa being shut down… word came early this morning that doctors have indeed  asked the Cardinals manager to not manage tonight against the Cubs.

The extent to which he will be gone is yet to be announced (or possibly determined), but I think we can all agree that LaRussa would rather gouge his ailing eyeball out than miss an opportunity to stick it to Chicago.

In other words, shit just got serious.

Pitching coach David Ducan and third base coach Jose Oquendo will share managerial duties with Duncan most likely making in-game pitching switches.  LaRussa was expected to join the Cards in Chicago this morning, but he has been diverted to an unknown location- possibly his permanent residence in the San Francisco area.

LaRussa’s conditioned has worsened over the past couple of weeks, causing the manager severe pain and not allowing him to do much sans the game management on a daily basis. The move to temporarily shut him down is widely viewed as a good one since LaRussa has absolutely no concept of quitting, of which we are all very aware.

No timetable has been set for his return, as this is a fluid situation.

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