Too Much Talking and Not Enough Listening?

Too Much Talking and Not Enough Listening?

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Too Much Talking and Not Enough Listening?


By now just about every Celtics fan (as well as NBA fan) has viewed, reviewed, and reviewed again the final botched play of Game 4 just under 20 seconds left.  It was a massive failure due to miscommunication.  Or was it?  Following the game several Celtic players as well as head coach Doc Rivers all gave their assessment on what went wrong.  For the most part, they all seemed to be on the same page when at least explaining what should have happened.  Except for Rajon Rondo.

Rondo's take included the following: "It's a surprise but it happens, you know? Lotta talking in the huddle, but there wasn't enough listening, I believe."

I'm a huge Rondo fan and what he did in Game 3 was legendary.  The mere fact that he was even out there playing in Game 4 was incredible in of itself.  But in this instance, I disagree with him.  In fact, if you watch the huddle before the final play, it seems like he is the only one doing extra talking other than Doc.  Watch the clip below and judge for yourselves.


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