Funny how times change

Funny how times change

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Funny how times change


Chris Forsberg dug up a gem today… an old website called "".

It's an awesome reminder of how times change.  I love this comment:

I already sold my tickets and I’m never buying another until Rivers is gone.

Brickowski (Comment on

I wonder if anyone out there knows Brickowski.  I'm wondering how quickly he backtracked on that.

Some other fun comments: 

Name: Paulie B

Comments: Been saying it for over a year, we can never win with this guy. I could hardly watch last year; this year is a joke. That was hideous game. We need a fresh start. I know we are not going to win a lot this year regardless, but we need a fresh start and if Danny can't see this he should go as well.

Name: Scott Mahan

Comments: Watching Doc coach (or lack there of) our team is kind of like watching your heavy set aunt join in on the volley ball game at the family outing.  Everyone kind of stands around and cringes, pretending not to look, just waiting for something horrible to happen…well its happening!!  Get rid of him!!

Name: Jai

Comments: Forget firing Doc. FIRE DANNY AINGE. How much more can he mess up this team.? He added a bunch of heartless losers that only care about themselves and his "star" players aren't any better.
Wally takes himself out of games. Pierce only cares about spinning and driving between 5 guys from the other team. Rondo is a ball hog and so is Gerald Green. Perkins is useless, Al shows up only half the time. Delonte is brain dead on the court. Tony Allan has his head in other places.

Bring back Antoine. His shot selection wasn't always great but at least he cared about winning. He knew what Celtics Pride was all about. Not a single person currently on this team can say that including Paul Pierce.

Name: Jungle Jim

Comments: Now, where can I sign to dump Danny Ainge and get rid of these carpetbagging owners?

I love that last one.  He wanted to ditch Doc, Danny, and the ownership group.  Danny then swung trades for Ray and KG, the owners went way over the luxury tax, and Doc coached them to a title immediately.  And now people are exhaling with the news that Doc's back for 5 more years.  

Of course, you realize that in 3 years, when we're in full "rebuild" mode… another "Fire Doc" site will pop up.  Welcome to the cyclical world of sports.

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