I’m watching the Braves game and I see Jair Jurrjens has no hit stuff. He’s going to throw a no-no today.  And yes, its going into the 5th and its 2:16 after a 1 pm start.

2:23: Jair works through the 5th easily.  Its his first sign of slowing down though. Went 3-1 against Ben Fransisco.

2:29: WHAT? Kick save on a ball back up the middle by Jair where Uggla grabs the ball and flips it to second?! one out

2:33:  Some pinch hitter flips a ball out to right center for a hit.  Damn. 5.2 perfect is not a bad start to the game Jair.

Watch the game, Braves-Phillies


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