Lockout Delaying Offensive Line Revamp

Lockout Delaying Offensive Line Revamp


Lockout Delaying Offensive Line Revamp


The 2010 season was a colossal disappointment and no other unit received more scrutiny at season’s end than the offensive line. Fans wanted the Cowboys to draft some offensive lineman and sure enough we drafted three of them. This confirmed what we already knew,  meaning, the offensive line needed help. This was the first phase of what needs to be a year when we revamp the offensive line; however, the lockout is delaying that phase.

Its almost a foregone conclusion that Marc Colombo will be released, but the fate of Kyle Kosier and Leonard Davis remain a mystery until then. Here’s the 2010 starting lineup:

LT: Doug Free 6-6 320
27, free agent

LG: Kyle Kosier 6-5 309
32; 33 in november, free agent

C: Andre Gurode 6-4 318
33; FA in 2013

RG: Leonard Davis 6-6 355
32; 33 in Sept, FA in 2014

RT: Marc Colombo 6-8 320
32; 33 in Oct, FA in 2016, Voidable after 2013

Two things stick out the most: 1. The offensive line is old and 2. Leonard Davis is the heaviest of the bunch

If the lockout was resolved, we’d be discussing a partial revamping of the offensive line. The Cowboys drafted some quality guys, and I fully expect them to start injecting that youth back into the line with Tyron Smith and David Arkin. Bill Nagy will also get the chance to be in that discussion as well. I don’t see us signing any aging free agents this time around, plus, have you seen the list of guys out there? Nothing that good, Robert Gallery anyone? nah.

As for Leonard Davis, this is another one of those guys that be on the list of possible cuts. I’m not sure he fits the plans of what Garrett wants for the offensive line. He’s a tall, heavy, lumbering type blocker, who is slowing down, and getting the injury bug. I think David Arkin will get a legitimate shot at taking that spot. I see Davis being released, and let the competition begin at RG. Don’t discount Montrae Holland either, I think his role could expand with Davis being released.

Kyle Kosier will be 33 in November, but Jerry and Garrett said they wanted to re-sign Kosier, but the question begs. How much do you want to pay and for how long? He hasn’t been the most healthy player on the offensive line either, he’s been injured and slowed down several games since he’s been in Dallas. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s been a nice addition when he’s healthy, but eventually this needs to be upgraded.

We have alot of youth from the draft and undrafted free agents in the waiting, and I expect the Cowboys to start grooming up from the draft, rather than plug in holes via free agency. Here’s the rest of the offensive lineman we have right now:

Phil Costa, 23, OG 6-3 316

Montrae Holland, 30, OG 6-2 326

Jeremy Parnell, 24, OT 6-6 290

Sam Young, 23, OT 6-8 322

David Arkin, 24, OG 6-5 300

Bill Nagy, 23, C 6-3 318

Tyron Smith, 21, OT 6-5 307

Robert Brewster, 25, OT 6-4 320

Travis Bright, 28, OG 6-4 322

To me the revamping of the offensive line begins this year, and here’s who I see playing in 2011

LT: Doug Free

LG: Kyle Kosier

C: Andre Gurode

LG: David Arkin

RT: Tyron Smith

Continue to develop Phil Costa and Bill Nagy to eventually move into the center and guard positions for 2012. Develop some solid backups in Sam Young, and the rest of the young guys on the roster. Bring in some more guys from the undrafted free agent class, and keep them coming with the 2012 draft.

The best offensive lines in the league like Green Bay, New England and Pittsburgh, have been stellar when it comes to drafting players, grooming and plugging them into the starting lineup. I see Garrett moving the Cowboys more to this philosophy starting this year and beyond.

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