The Jonathan Lucroy All Star Campaign

The Jonathan Lucroy All Star Campaign


The Jonathan Lucroy All Star Campaign


The intangible, karmic effects of recent Brewers Bar posts need not be mentioned at a time when the club has not exactly equated the unlikely performance of some of the more unassuming players into wins. That being said, I would just like to formally start a campaign that will hopefully send Jonathan Lucroy to the 2011 All Star Game. I know it’s early and sample sizes are stiff, however if actions aren’t berthed early on, Carlos Ruiz will leap ahead of Jon Luc, simply based on a commercial cardboard cutout elevating his pop culture status beyond (just) the Phillies faithful.

The ongoing statistical battle is obviously taking place with perennial NL All Star staple Brian McCann (or as rival sign makers and 2008 democrats say.. McCan’t). Boom. went there.

All other contenders are merely unbalanced in offensive prowess or have not yet hit a noteworthy stride. This gives the budding Lucroy a fighter’s chance. Happiness ensues.

Again, small sample sizes considered.. less than 100 PA’s and all that, but this is deep in the 12 year old pre-metrics hearts of all Brewers fanatics. If it wasn’t before, it is now.

On a team where you could make an honest All Star consideration for nearly the entire top half of the batting order, WE WANT LUCROY (in addition to them, obviously).

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