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The Nowhere Crew


I don’t know.  Jeff Fulchino looks an awful lot like Brandon Lyon in a beard.

Which may explain David Wright’s success on Friday, because everyone hits Brandon Lyon.  Ooooooor … the extra day of rest did Wright some good as his go-ahead home run in the 8th helped give the Mets a 6-4 win which seemed to come out of nowhere.  And by nowhere, I mean who expected Jason Bay to smack a home run?  Seemed meaningless at the time, because not only was Carlos Lee roaming the outfield as if he was Ichiro (which is usually a sure sign your team will lose), Bud Norris was dealin’ … throwing strikes and not giving the Mets an inch.  But then he was inexplicably left in for the 8th, and then gave up a home run to prospect turned disabled list real estate salesman Fernando Martinez.  Yeah, he still exists.  Go figure.

Then, in comes Fulchino … who the Astros will tell you is an entirely different person than Brandon Lyon.  I have my doubts.  It’s like that commercial where Felix Hernandez tries to change his name so he could pitch every day.  Bernandez had good intentions, though.  Brandon Lyon is obviously hell bent on creating havoc in the world by making up an entirely new person named Jeff Fulchino, who I had never heard of until tonight, and neither had the rest of the free world.  Until somebody presents Fulchino’s long form birth certificate, that’s Brandon Lyon in a beard.

“Fulchino” then baffles Keith Hernandez by calling for a change-up, after which if Hernandez knew what the letters “WTF” meant, he would have said them on the air.  And then after that, Wright knocks said change-up out of the park for the win.  In many ways, the rally against Norris and Lyon Fulchino was more impressive than the one against Ubaldo Jimenez, who walked the park.  So kudos.

But jeez, Brandon, stop making up alternate egos and stay on the disabled list.  And shave that!

(Or, to be more salient and less insane, let’s sum up this way: Amazing what happens when your hitters hit and your bullpen actually gets people out.  What a concept.)

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