Yup, Screwed Again.

Yup, Screwed Again.

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Yup, Screwed Again.


Surprise, surprise, the Timberwolves did not get the #1 pick in the draft!  Shocking, I know.  If there’s one thing to take solace in about the Clips owning our pick in 2012, it’s that we won’t have to endure this annual debacle next year.  There will be no getting our hopes up just to have them dashed.  Instead, we can rest comfortably knowing that, as usual, our team is screwed from the get-go. 

Some quick points…

1. I know the Cavs just endured one of the biggest back-stabs in the history of pro sports and deserve something “good” to happen to them, but they go so stink’n lucky.  Not only did they get the #1 pick but they got it with the worser of their two picks, which means they will be selecting #1 and #4.   Granted, they’ll be drafting some one of the caliber of Anus Kanter (if Kahn doesn’t get to him first) with that #4 pick in this weak draft, but it’s better than #1 and #9. 

2. So last year, Abe Polin’s widow got the #1 pick, and this year Dan Gilbert’s chronically ill child pulled it off for the Cavs. Sensing a trend here? Can we start making plans to send CW Jr. and DeROK Jr. to the lottery in 2013?  Their hardship, you ask?  Being raised as Wolves fans. 

3. The Clippers must be ticked that they traded away the #1 pick in the draft just to jettison Baron Davis.  Well, until they look ahead and realzie that they’re getting the #1 pick in a much better draft next year from us. 

4. Cleveland’s Clippers pick was already in the Top 3.  How certain were you that the Wolves logo was on that #4 card?   I would have bet the house on it.   Maybe ABABU helped us out after all.

5. How great was the look on David Kahn’s face when the Wolves card was pulled for the #2 pick?  He clearly wanted to be the “hero” that brought back the #1 selection soooooooooo badly. 

6. Honestly, getting the #2 selection isn’t the worst thing in the world.  I’m not totally sold on Kyrie Irving and having him and Rubio could have gotten a little awkward.  Let’s hope that Kahn plays it smart and goes with Derrick Williams. (He has a nice smile, right?)

7. At least we have something else to complain about now.  That’s about all we have to hang onto here at this point.

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