Winning the state might start with this guy

Winning the state might start with this guy

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Winning the state might start with this guy


He runs a 10.35 100 meters, ran for 1555 yards, 20 touchdowns and 11.55 yards a carry.  And he’s only a sophomore, class of 2013.  Thomas Tyner of Aloha High led his team to a state championship last fall, and he’ll easily be one of the most sought-after athletes in the Northwest between now and graduation.


Tyner is six feet, 200 pounds, with the speed and size to be a bigger version of LaMichael James.  He’s a perfect fit for Oregon’s one-cut running system, able to pound inside or turn on the rockets in the open field.  He’s powerful, durable, breaks tackles, doesn’t dance in the backfield.  Like James and Barner, he’s modest and well-spoken. 

Tyner won the Oregon 6A state high school 100 meter medal yesterday, making him a state champion in two sports as a sophomore.  Earlier this month, Dirk Knudsen of wrote:

Thomas is the fastest High school athlete that the State of Oregon has ever seen. He is as fast or faster then anyone in the Pac 10 currently running except for Ryan Milus of Arizona State and James Alaka of the U of W.

A hundred schools will seek after this exceptionally talented speedster.  Tony Difrancisco reports the Ducks have already offered him a scholarship for the 2013 recruiting cycle.  If he wants to be a dual-sports star in college, Oregon is the perfect place for him to be, with an elite track program to go with topflight coaching in football.

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