Buckeye Battlecry Roundtable- One Week Later

Buckeye Battlecry Roundtable- One Week Later

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Buckeye Battlecry Roundtable- One Week Later


Like this, but with beverages

Last week, when the floor fell out from under Buckeye Nation your humble correspondents were left looking for answers just like the rest of you.  Via email and text message and phone calls, we discussed the events of the day and speculated  “where do we go from here?”

As the day progressed, we decided to give folks an insight into our thought processes as the week went on. Initially, this was supposed to be a podcast, but some of us decided that it may be better to go with the Q&A route (I’m guessing it’s was because a few of us were “coping” with some liquid assistance).

Every afternoon this week, we’ll be taking about one part of this story, and how it’s impacted us thus far. Today- How did you find out that Jim Tressel had resigned, and what was your immediate reaction?

Jim- I received a text message from a friend Monday morning that said: “Who should we hire?” My response was: “Tressel fired?”

My immediate reaction was relief that Tressel had been allowed to “resign” and go out somewhat on his own terms.  My next reaction, and a more direct response to my friend’s question, was: “Fickell, Hazell, or Meyer,”, but that is a topic for another post.

Overall, I was not surprised that Tressel had resigned. I was hopeful that it was the beginning of the next chapter in Ohio State football, the first step towards putting all of the off-field turmoil in the rearview mirror.

Sadness about the way in which Tressel went down came shortly after, which is the emotion that I think will stick with me long term. As more and more distance is put between Buckeye Nation and the last several months, I think the appreciation for Tressel will grow to legendary status, or at least that is my hope.

Robbie Donoho- I actually found out by my sister texting me and waking me up at 9AM (yes I sleep in) and didn’t find out through ESPN or other news outlets on the Internet.

My immediate reaction wasn’t shock or awe but more so a ‘Well what happened now?’ seeing as how I hadn’t heard anything about any new Tressel allegations. I was definitely severely disappointed by his resignation.

Eric- I found out on Monday morning when I crawled out of bed on a (supposedly) glorious day off work to check my email.  So much for that.

My immediate reaction was confused and two-fold.  I distinctly remember the thought “finally” roll through my head, while I simultaneously felt my heart sink into the pit of my stomach.  I rationally understood the decision (whether he left willing, or was forced out, was still an open question at that time – either seemed reasonable) given the hounding the media had given him.  That didn’t make me feel any less like we had lost one of the best men in the history of college football.  Tressel touched all of us in profoundly significant ways – whether you met him in person or not.  This absolutely shouldn’t have been the way for him to go out.

While I agree that Woody was an extraordinarily honest person and would never have done what Tressel did, but in the same breath, Tressel never would have done what Woody did either.  This doesn’t change the fact that they both were men of fantastic character and deeply impacted the lives of those they coached and taught.

After a couple of hours of laying the blame on the media’s doorstep (which I haven’t stopped doing, by the way – this was a witchhunt, plain and simple) I managed to collect myself enough to focus on supporting Fickell and the players.

You cope your way, I'll cope mine.

Mali- I got up early on Memorial Day in order to relax a bit with the kids and let the wife sleep in. I checked my phone, and found four texts- Jim’s “Tressel resigned”, two from my brother, and one “Sorry, man” from a Mike Gundy fan. So, I turned on the 50 inch babysitter and fired up the laptop to read what JoeD had posted; then headed over to Twitter and Buckeye Planet to get some more insight.

After the missus woke up and noticed that I was catatonic and that the girls were eating sugar out of the bag with a spoon, she decided to check in with me. After we talked, we decided to go ahead with our plans for a “family outing”- a hike up one of the nearby canyons/mountains. It was the perfect opportunity for me to get away, although my mind was running a mile a minute. I’m pretty certain that she put my youngest on my back to ensure I didn’t take a short walk off a large cliff.

When we got home, I spent the rest of the day reloading SI, awaiting the article that everyone said was the “smoking gun” (more on that later). At dinner, though, we had a great conversation with the girls about a) how important it is to tell the truth and b) how some decisions impact people that you may not even know.

Jay- Sitting in the kitchen drinking my morning coffee, brother comes in and says “Hey, did you hear that Tressel resigned?”  My initial reaction was “Wow,” only because that sentence/question was one that I thought I would never hear.  Tressel would obviously leave eventually, but I was always thinking “retirement.”  However, after the initial knee-jerk reaction, the acceptance of the fact was pretty quick.  As the days have gone by it seemed more and more likely.  Basically, to some extent I was resigned to him resigning.

Joe Dexter- I received a press release early in the morning on monday that woke me up from a dead sleep. At first, it was almost like I thought that something else must of happened, and that Tressel had finally caved to the pressure that was piling up heading into the 2011 season. After finally realizing the reason for stepping down for me, it finally clicked in my head for the first time through this whole situation that no matter what the next steps were, it was inevitable that the next chapter in Ohio State football was going to start in this upcoming season. Any coach that goes 9-1 against Michigan makes you feel good, but you tend to forget about that when it clicks in your head that the university is losing more than just a hell of a coach. It’s losing a man that has molded the city of Columbus with his influence for the better.

Joe- I found out that Tress had resigned via ESPN.  It was a total shock because usually these type of events we have the heads up on, but this was a total surprised.  My immediate reaction, and still is that day will go down as a dark dark day for Ohio State as a whole and not just the football program.

Your turn- In the comments, join in the conversation: How did you find out, and what was your reaction?

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