I am being profiled

I am being profiled


I am being profiled


Hey everyone, let’s talk about me for a second!
So here is my string of luck lately. I have had a clean driving record for 8 years. I might move a little quicker than most Minnesotans, but I am a good driver. That said, driving home from work a couple weeks ago, I was pulled over. It was a Friday night and the officer was clearly looking for people up to no good, rather than people who just wanted to get home and feed their dog, so I was left to my own devices and sent on my way. The next Thursday night, wary of the police presence I was driving to a local eatery to meet a coworker after work. I was certain I was driving the speed limit, and a member of the local PD driving the other direction spun around and nabbed me. I said aloud “WHAT THE F*CK IS GOING ON?!” Turns out, I had a burned out headlight. The officer kindly sent me on my way.
OK, so, the next day I had a wedding, then I had to work the overnight at Real Job Inc. I slept in late, went to the wedding, went to the reception then came home to change. After rapidly turning around to go to work, I was pulled over again… and again for the headlight. This is twice in less than 48 hours. Things are getting ridiculous.
Cut to today and my voyage into work. This time, I was definitely speeding, and I saw two squads about a half mile up. I tried to slow down, to no avail. They both pulled out and lit me up. This time I got a ticket. 5 squads, 4 stops in about 2 weeks. I mean seriously, do I LOOK like a criminal?
You know what the funny thing is? The thing that pissed me off the most today wasn’t the ticket or the fact that I seem to get pulled over whenever I get in the car these days or even that the officer did me a “favor” by writing me a ticket that saved me a whopping 10 dollars, it was more the fact that I got pulled over by a guy that looked exactly like Kevin Pollak.
I got a damn ticket from Philip Green.

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