Plaxico Burress not a good fit for Dolphins

Plaxico Burress not a good fit for Dolphins


Plaxico Burress not a good fit for Dolphins


Former New York Giants receiver Plaxico Burress was just released from prison today and speculation is already brewing that the Dolphins could be a possible suitor. Burress has family in South Florida and is rumored to have a strong interest in signing with the Dolphins. That’s where the connections between Plax and the Dolphins should stop and end abruptly in my opinion.

Besides the fact that he’s now 33 and has been out of football for two years, meaning who knows what you’re getting with this guy now, he’s nowhere near an ideal fit on this offense.

I’ve made this argument before in regards to the possibility of Mike Sims-Walker coming to Miami, so excuse me if I’m coming off as redundant, but there is nothing void with this Dolphins’ receiving core now that they have their speedster in Edmond Gates.

Brandon Marshall is a top five talent and I believe he proves that in 2011 if he can get a little consistency at quarterback. Davone Bess is one of the top slot receivers in the game. Brian Hartline may be the most underrated member of the Miami offense, as he was on pace for over 800 yards receiving before he missed the final five games of the season with a broken finger.

If the Dolphins’ passing attack isn’t up to par in 2011, it’s going to be because Chad Henne, or whoever else starts at quarterback, struggles. The Dolphins’ weapons at receiver are more than adequate enough to get the job done, and I firmly believe a franchise quarterback would elevate the entire core to elite status.

With all that said, there is one scenario where signing Burress would be rationalized. It’s become somewhat of an afterthought in Miami, but some continue to speculate that there is still a remote possibility that the league could discipline Brandon Marshall for being stabbed by his wife. To me, that is as ludicrous as it sounds, unless of course Roger Goodell knows something we don’t.

Marshall’s wife claims she did so out of self-defense, but to my knowledge she had no injuries or bruises. And reports have it that the case could be dropped all together, as Marshall won’t cooperate with law enforcement because he misses his wife and probably doesn’t want her to face jail time.

So, assuming there is no new revelations in the Marshall case, I just don’t see why anyone would speculate about Burress signing with the Dolphins. A possible red-zone target? That’s what Marshall is for when he’s used properly. An upgrade at the 5th receiver spot over Roberto Wallace and Marlon Moore? Come on now. Do you really think Burress wants to sign with a team he won’t even suit up every game day for?

I’m one of the skeptics that felt Burress was punished far too severely for accidently shooting himself, so by all means I’m rooting for the guy to resurrect his career. I just don’t see it happening in Miami. 

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